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400 acres of preserved woodland hills

frequently asked questions

When renting the space, does it include the entire building?

It does not include the east hallway of the first floor or the second floor of the West Monitor Barn. The second floor is where the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps headquarter offices are located. It will be locked during most events. The east hallway of the first floor contains our program supplies and crew member locker rooms which are off-limits to non-VYCC personnel and event guests.  

Are there peak times and off-peak times?

No. However, because the West Monitor Barn is not heated, our event season runs from Late May to October, with limited weekend availability in July and August due the programmatic use of the spaces on campus. 

May I pay by credit card?

Yes.  Credit cards are accepted. We do prefer checks to limit processing fees, when at all possible.

What exactly is covered in the cost of the event space rental?

The rental agreement covers the use of the 3rd floor large reception area (barn), back deck, kitchen, and associated bathrooms (two separate, single stall bathrooms), hall space on the third floor as well as the elevator, stairs, main lobby, and large meeting room. Use of our ~200 black folding chairs, ~150 wooden indoor folding chairs, and 25 – five foot round tables,1 smaller 3’ round table, various sized buffet tables are also included. As well as access to the large outdoor space adjacent to the barn for yard games, outdoor ceremonies and more, on-site parking for up to 80 cars and miles of trails to explore. 

Is there an elevator?

There is a working elevator for use by wedding/event party, family, handicapped guests, and others who may need special accommodations. However, the VYCC is a conservation organization and strives to save energy and strongly encourages taking the stairs whenever possible. When using the elevator is not necessary, use should be directed to main Barn door on northern side of the facility where there are steps, a deck, and a loading dock.

How do I secure a date for my event?

We welcome you to set up a venue tour first by contacting our Event Coordinator at 802.434.3969 x200 or event@vycc.org. However, this does not secure your date; once you are ready, you will be required to sign a contract and make a 50% deposit.

Since the VYCC is a nonprofit organization, how will the proceeds of my costs be used?

Proceeds from the rental of the barn support the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC) in training young people to expand their job and leadership skills, and to develop personal values, ethics, and a greater awareness of social, political, and environmental issues. By holding your event at our facility, more young adults will have the opportunity to enroll in our programs statewide. Please visit www.vycc.org for more information about the VYCC.  Rental fees will not be considered a donation and cannot be considered tax-deductible.

What kinds of permits/licensing are required?

The renter will agree to purchasing day of event insurance upon signing the contract. The renter will also ensure that the caterer and other vendors have the appropriate insurance/licenses. Vendors will need to submit copies of these documents when a contract to rent the facility is signed. 

What is the parking situation (how many cars)? What options do I have for parking (valet, shuttle service)?

Our parking lot can hold up to 80 cars. We strongly encourage our guests to hire a shuttle or van service.  There are a few companies offering this type of service in the area. There are many local parking lots from which access can be gained for these purposes. The Richmond Park-n-Ride, the Camel’s Hump Elementary School, and the public parking lot by the Richmond Post Office are convenient options. Encouraging your guests to carpool is strongly encouraged regardless of the size of the event.

Will I be responsible for removing trash after the event?

Yes. The West Monitor Barn has a dumpster on site which will be available for your use. The West Monitor Barn will provide receptacles for this practice. It is your responsibility to notify your caterer.

Is there any type of outside space that may be used?

Yes. We have two grassy areas located out from the northern, back entrance of the Barn.

In addition to the grassy areas, there is an 80 ft. private deck at the northern, back entrance of the Barn, and Vermont Tent Company rents a tent that fits right inside the perimeter of the deck.  The deck space can be covered using this technique from both sun and uncooperative weather.

Can the deck be used for entertaining/extra space?

Yes and No. Certainly the deck can be used as an “enjoy the lovely evening” linger space, and for cocktail hours. However, our interest in being ‘good neighbors’ means we will not permit large bands (more than 4 people) to set up on the deck. However, we will allow acoustic music to be played outside on the deck and during outdoor ceremonies until 9:00 p.m.

Does the VYCC have tables and chairs?

Yes. We have ~200 black folding chairs, ~150 wooden indoor folding chairs, 25 – five’ round tables which seat 8 people, various buffet style tables (3x 8′ buffets, 8x 6′ buffets) 1x 3’ round small dessert table, available for your event. You will be responsible for the set-up and break down of tables and chairs. Many catering companies will be happy to do this for you for an additional fee. These tables and chairs are available to you at no additional charge.

Can I rent linens, dishware, and glassware from the VYCC?

No. The VYCC does not have linens, dishes, or glassware for rent. If interested please contact the Vermont Tent Company (802-863-6107 or 1-800-696-8368). Vermont Tent Company is the exclusive rental provider for the West Monitor Barn.

How many power outlets exist in the barn? What is the voltage/capacity?

The voltage is standard 110amps. There are double standard outlets at the base of every other pillar in the Barn (10 pillars total – 5 have outlets), and seven additional outlets on perimeter walls.

We strongly encourage larger bands to come and test out the facility before the event. This is to ensure that no power outages will occur. It is a quick fix if a breaker is triggered, but eliminating the problem before it begins, alleviates added and unnecessary stress.

Are there exterior power outlets on the deck?

Yes, there is a standard 110amp plug outside on the deck.

I’d like to decorate for my event. What guidelines must be followed?

Due to the historical nature of the facility, decorations may only be affixed using tape, craft wire, or some other “non-invasive” material that will leave no trace. No nails or staples into the wood are allowed.

Cleaning information: The VYCC will have a cleaning service do basic cleaning of facility after the event. You will be responsible for covering all costs due to any cleaning above and beyond sweeping and mopping of floors (basic cleaning). Please remember to pick up ALL outside decorations as well.

Can I visit the barn for planning purposes before the event?

You can certainly schedule site visit(s) with bandleaders, caterers, bar service, florists, and others, during normal working hours before the event. Drop-ins are welcome, but please do try to let us know whenever possible if you plan to visit the facility as there are a variety of other events, trainings, and programming going on throughout the year. You are welcome to visit during our regular office hours which are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please plan to arrive no later than 4 p.m. unless previously arranged. Visits at other times will be kept to a minimum and will need to be specially arranged.

What else should I be aware of when considering the Monitor Barn for my event?

    1.  We have an exclusivity contract with Vermont Tent Company for all rental services.  If you need rental items like linens, dishware, heaters, etc, they must come from the Vermont Tent Company. We also have an exclusivity contract with Bevo for bar service. All alcohol must be supplied by them.

    2.  The West Monitor Barn is an historic icon; not only in Vermont; throughout the country!

    3.  The Hay Mow is not heated.

    4.  Our Barn sits on 400 acres of preserved woodland hills.

    5.  The view of Camel’s Hump from our back field is incredible.

    6.  Richmond, Vermont has much to offer day trippers as well as weekend visitors; from fine restaurants and delicious bakeries that serve espresso, to historic sites, museums, and the Winooski River.